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What Our Clients Say:

We work with a small, select group of clients who know the value of the services we provide. 

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The Best Decision I Made…

I have been using Sumner Mckenzie Inc for 11 years now and I honestly feel it was the first and best decision I made for my business. I knew that having a web and social media presence was important for building and maintaining a small business. Finding Sumner McKenzie Inc through a mutual friend was exactly what I was looking for. They have consistently listened to everything that I need, have made intelligent and creative suggestions, kept my website and other media updated and help me out tremendously because I don’t have the time or the know how to keep up with technology.

My business, which I started in September of 20017, has grown leaps and bounds in the past almost 11 years. I make sure to ask my pending clients how they heard about me and still 75% say they found me through my website. Because of the creativity Sumner McKenzie Inc put into my website it catches the eye and pushes people to contact me. I have updated a couple times in the past 11 years and it seems that it just becomes better every time and I attribute that to them going above and beyond to put my vision on the internet.

Aside from the web presence Sumner McKenzie Inc have created for me, they have helped with computer issues, branding, design and even a little bit of ego boosting when I first started out. I love that I can contact them any time with new ideas or with problems and I receive a prompt and thought out reply that fixes things very quickly.

I know my business would not be where it is today if it weren’t for having Sumner McKenzie as part of my extended team. I can’t thank them enough for their tireless work and help.

Renée Lamoureux
Follow Me Dog Training LLC



Sumner McKenzie has made our internet and website advertising effortless.  As a business owner, I find there are never enough hours in a day to get everything done.  One area I no longer stress about, is our internet advertising. It’s in very capable hands with Sumner McKenzie and I can turn my attention to other projects.  We identify the cities where we would like our services promoted and they make it happen, for an exceptionally reasonable price.

Wendy Levenseller
Levy’s Lawns & Landscaping LLC


What a Gift!

After spending hundreds of dollars trying to sort out our ongoing email issues we were given Sumner McKenzie’s number. What a gift! We had no idea the scope of their skills and knowledge when we made that first call. We were just hoping someone could help us get our work emails to synch with our personal emails so we could stop losing clients! Not only did the McKenzie part of the team sort out the issues, he explained in non- tech terms what was happening, why, and most importantly, how to fix it.  Sumner McKenzie has been a true “one stop shop” for us. I don’t know anything about how websites, search engines, optimizing, IOS compatibility and web hosting etc. fit together, I just want to sit down at my computer and have things work. I am so pleased to say that everything is working effortlessly now. I also know that if I wake up tomorrow and something doesn’t work, they are one quick phone call away. They have set us up with a new web hosting service that they manage, our emails synch seamlessly, our printers are all up and running now.  Chaela built us a completely new, beautiful website that works on all devices. Chaela took all of the pictures that were on our old website, added new ones that I sent, fixed the ones that needed to be fixed, used key words and a ton of her creative writing to give us a website we are proud of. We are truly happy and relieved to have found Sumner McKenzie and will continue to work with them to keep our business up and running.

Leslie Kline


Great job!

Sumner McKenzie does a great job, I always get a lot of compliments on my site. They make the process easy and transparent.